Westfalia California

Westfalia California

Interesting somewhat new Westy is the Westfalia California much like the vans of the 60’s and 70’s though newer and updated. I must say I do like the older vans much more as they just seem to have more style and class.

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  1. Can anyone help answer my question and/or guide me to a site with photos ??
    Here’s my question: A neighbor’s 1981 VW camper, with the sink/stove, raisable camper roof, has the 3 ‘points’ outside to connect water, connect electricity and…. whats the 3rd one?? It has a standard key cylinder that looks factory installed. No one, no dealer even, seems to know what it’s for. Alarm?? Not there, I’d think.
    I thought maybe it was a lockout feature for the gas stove, something to prevent the stove accidentally leaking gas.
    I haven’t yet looked inside, to see if in fact the ‘lock’ has any connection to the gas piping. But what is it? And why there??
    As it’s located alongside the electric and water connection points, it must be related to the ‘filling’ operations or the gas stove, no?

    The gas stove takes a ‘gas bottle’ inside, so what’s the key port for??
    Someone out there must know, please post an answer or e-mail me back please!!
    I DO realize a look at the gas ‘plumbing’ under the stove would help answer my questions, and of course, a look at the inside-side of the keyport would be the first and obvious way to learn what I want to know, but it will be a while before I’ll have that chance, and it’s just bugging me, ya know??

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