The Magic of Fairy Lake 

The Magic of Fairy Lake 

We left Salt Spring Thursday with all our belongings in tow including my 8-year old sheltie, Scarlet and set out to Port Renfrew making few stops along the way for drinks and groceries.


Arriving to the campground in the pitch black and a few min before it closed, lucky us.

Mandie parked the van and setup camp and we both hunkered down for the night, but not before I was able to create the world’s best fire to provide heat and ambiance for my lady and my trusty hound.

Scarlet even attempted to help with chopping the wood.


We spent a few days here checking out the lake and basking in our new found freedom. Now realizing enjoying that freedom is a lot harder than we thought.


Both of us are use to waking early and commuting to our 9-5 jobs, though Mandie’s 10 minute drive down a mountain road walled with trees, birds and deer seems like a vacation compared to my 2 hour human walled bus ride to Burnaby and back again in the evening. Besides that it’s time, how do we manage time?
So use to having to do things both of us felt a little alien in our new schedule.
Coffee in the morning, breakfast, clean up and then…?

Basically we both had to get a bit creative.
It’s going to be interesting these next few months.

It rained everyday but helped with my allergies which have been plaguing me days earlier (probably due to packing) and the gorgeous grass field’s at our soon to be house on Salt Spring.


Though it’s no small wonder why people flock to British Columbia, the trees here are ancient and the air is so fresh, makes me think I never want to live in a city again.


Onto the next adventure.


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