Port Renfrew, a few beautiful days on the edge.

Port Renfrew, a few beautiful days on the edge.

Waking up to a the sounds of waves.
After days and days of rain and mosquitoes, we awoke this morning finally to the sun and waves.


Pacheedaht campground, we pull up in the pouring rain the day before, people huddled underneath the small awning at the office using what little power they could get from the open powerbar and connect to the wifi.

I reminded the the woman behind the counter about last time I was here, and promised I wouldn’t become stuck in the sand again. She laughed, a chuckle that was full a hearty and could be heard across the parking lot.

“Oh yes, we remember you. We have nothing to do today so it might be fun to come and dig someone out.”

We grabbed one of the last beach front sites and as we drove up it seemed all too familiar.
It was the same one that I had come to the first time I visited with Rose and Katie.
Site 32.

And classically the Westy does her best to get stuck in the wet sand.
Mike’s skills with snow and vehicles come in handy as we rock that baby out of a sandy groove.
Finally we are parked.


It was beautiful, the clouds misted over the tree line mountains and passed shadows overtop the choppy water.



Waves crashed into the shoreline again and again as smelt fisherman sat on the beach with long drag nets looking for their income.

We walked along the beachside, Scarlet in tow, she loved the sand. Running around and jumping from side to side, climbing over driftwoood. She raced back and forth around us excitely as we climbed dead giants of forgotten trees, massive roots and trunks became our perches as we sat and watched the turning sea.


Rain poured and we realized the one thing that is so useful we forgot to get…a tarp.
I grabbed the tarp off of my tent hammock and we made a make shift shelter out of it, it did very little to stop the torrential downpour from soaking us through to our bones.

2 wet humans and a soaked sheltie, this van sleep was going to be interesting.


The rain let up enough for Mike to start up a fire, but it deemed rather frustrating with wet wood and with even wetter kindling. Finally the fire was started up and we sat by it drinking moonshine and preparing the world’s worst fire side dinner.


Pancake batter wrapped around sticks and eggs in their shells shoved uptop coals. The batter was doughy and the eggs burnt. I decided a meal of coconut rice and black beans with fried bananas was a better choice.

One of our neighbours came over and introduced herself, Natalie from Nanaimo. She and a friend jumped in the car this weekend to go on an adventure and ended up in Pacheena Bay. After some good chats and shared blueberries she told us she’d be attending Diversity Festival on Texada as well.

We said goodnight and curled up into the tent, with stars overhead and clear skies predicted we set up the bed ‘upstairs’.

We woke up in the morning to blue skies and waves rolling in on the white sand beach.

Driving through town we stopped for a home cooked lunch at Tomi’s. It was amazing, tomato-basil, feta soup and homemade biscuits.
Exactly what I wanted.

We jumped in the van and headed down to Botanical Beach, the tidepools were an unreal teal colour, a black bear had just visited the beach escaping the oncoming hoard of tourists with cameras and the waves were in spectacular form.




There were caves carved our of the soft rock, perfectly situated across from the crashing waves and held a beautiful echo. I had to sit in one and belt out a favorite tune.

Then it was off to China Beach, we needed a place to hang out hats for the night and decided on China Beach Campground.
It was immaculate, almost liked they combed the moss on the ground so it would be perfect.



The campsite host was a wonderful man named Nick, lived there year round with his dogs and was kind enough to offer us a bit of extra wood to ‘complete our evening’.
IT was a break from driving and wet, we set up camp and worked on music by the fireside.

The birds were almost deafening. Filling the tree lines space with their song.


Enough tranquility back to Salty for a recharge and onward.


<3 Mandie

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