Muscle Beach, Tofino and Ucluelet

Muscle Beach, Tofino and Ucluelet

The start of this trip is in a parking lot in Nanaimo, exhausted after overhauling the van we spent the night in front of Calbela’s with about 6 other RVs.

The sun arose and the sweet rumble of RVs warming up their engines and turning on their air conditioning got us out of bed. We were off on the road again, this time to the western side of Vancouver Island. We were off to Tofino, otherwise known as ‘Tuff City’

On the way we stopped at the river swimming area, this used to be filled with giant rocks and trees you had to manouever to get down to the river, it now has a viewing area and locks all over a chain link fence. Also stairs, which out of stubbornness I did not use. We headed down to the water and I contemplated jumping into the glacial water, green and blue in colour. It looked cold.



And it was.


Finally we arrived at the junction that read Tofino and Ucluelet, after a 5 hour long journey on the road from Salt Spring.

We headed right, and drove down the road until we finally saw the turn off for Mussel Beach Campground. An hour and half later down a bumpy logging road we arrived to the other side of the inlet, we arrived to the muscle beach campground.


Blue sky held overhead and we pulled up to the check in, the host was lovely and didn’t charge us for the day before we had booked, but were unable to make it up. We bought a wheelbarrow full of chopped cedar and headed to the campsite.

Trees on both sides and ocean up front.
It was exactly what I was looking for.

A small picnic table sat in front of the fire and a collection of seashells littered the ground.

We set up camp, decided to try out our new solar panels and auxillary battery from


Worked like a charm, we were able to power up our recording equipment and record a new song for Seraphina Mountain.


Rain poured down and we experienced an crazy thunderstorm on our last night, lightning shot down from the sky over the ocean as thunder shook the windows and rattled bones.

We saw Mother Nature open up in full force, waves pummeled the driftwood and rocks that bordered the shoreline. As the lightning flashed I could make out shapes walking on the beach, people were trying to get a better feel of the storm.

We huddled inside playing Munchkin and cards, we read stories about King Henry the IIV to pass the time and I tried my best to calm my heart rate.

Storms always get me riled up.

We awoke the next day to warm blue skies, off again down that dusty logging road to Ucluelet to pick up a couple of friends who were travelling as well.


We headed to Long Beach and Wickanninsh Beach to stretch our legs and go for a dip in the ocean. Cold by refreshing, we spent the hour chasing waves and body surfing. In the far distance there were surfers riding waves and couples strolling hand in hand. It was picturesque to say the least.






After swimming we headed to Ucluelet to make some dinner by the oceanside, Westy Café party of four.



We stayed overnight at a Campsite in Ukee with an amazing view, dinner, fire and towel whipping wars commenced.




We dropped off one of our friends at the Nanaimo Ferry and another down at Buckley Bay, she was headed on a backpacking adventure in the Northern Islands.


Beautiful Adventure. Off we go.

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