A Squamish adventure.

A Squamish adventure.

I look up at the hazy sky, the only clearing I can see, I am surrounded by trees.
A familiar road, as we head through paradise valley, past the outdoor school I attended as a child, then again as a counselor and once more as an alumni.
I had spent many years walking groups of eager grade 3’s and 6’s through the forest playing games, learning about the local flora and fauna and wandering through the boardwalks and streams.


We find our way to the end of the thick forest and onto a logging road, the van putters down the gravel road, driving through the potholes with a triumphant splash.


Finally we make it down to the train yard for a coffee break, pop the top, heat up the kettle and grind the beans. Mike plays some tunes by the rail yard while I brew us up a pot to keep us warm.


Scarlet waits in the van.


Back to the road for us, thanks Squamish!



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