A night at sea.

A night at sea.

A friend of ours invited us out to his houseboat in beautiful Burgoyne Bay on one of our last nights before leaving Salt Spring.


We chased the sun and met Balasz at the doc, two dogs and four humans squeezed into his trusty boat and we headed toward his floating cabin.


This was Scarlet’s first time out on a boat, she was calm cool and collected, almost as if she thought the mounds of fur would act as a flotation device in case we capsized.


We arrived to Balasz’s floating ‘shack’ as he called it.


We listened to jazz inspired electronic beats and ate cheese, crackers, olives and hummus wraps made by Balasz’s cousin visiting from Germany.

Playing music by the open picture window, Mike and I jammed for a bit with some percussion accompaniment.
Mainly feet and hands…and a howling sheltie.


We caught the last bit of the sun, sitting out on the deck watching it dip below the mountains, a orange-pink infused sky painted the clouds overhead reflecting on the choppy water. I sat on the deck taking in big gulps of fresh air of the water.

Realizing that I’ve never lived away from the ocean, never been land locked before and often choosing to inhabit cabins that have access to the seashore.
The crashing of the waves became my lullaby while I slept in a trailer in Ucluelet and the sunset over the ocean was a sight seen nightly from my deck in a beautiful cabin on Salty (Salt Spring’s nickname).

This idea of being landlocked for months on end while driving across the country is finally setting in, I need to say my goodbyes to The Pacific Ocean before the long drive to The Atlantic Ocean.


The Bioluminescence we out that night, if you’ve never seen them before, look up some images online they are tricky to photograph.

It started with drawing in the ocean with a paddle, when these small plankton-like creatures are agitated they give off a green-blue hue and there are thousands of them, it looks like you are painting the sea with a neon paintbrush.

Katie dared someone to jump in for $10, I immediately accepted and so did Mike, we no longer had jobs, we have to make money somehow.

I wish I could have captured a picture of it, it was like swimming in light, I was unable to tell what was stars and what was ocean. When I finally resurfaced every movement of my arms and legs we trace by a ribbon. Mike jumped out quickly to my astonishment, then realizing how cold the water actually was.

I thanked Katie for buying our breakfast and she said the light show was worth it.

She’s a good friend.

We headed back inside, played some more tunes by request then Hungarian Rum and wine got the best of us and we all curled up in front of the picture window.
Four of squeezed on a bed in the middle of the cabin, the ladies slept soundly as the men were apparently pushed to the edges of the bed, but I have no complaints.

We woke up to the sun and headed back to land, it was hard to leave such a beautiful scene but packing needed to be done and preparations for our trip.

A lovely last evening on Salty. We will see you soon again.



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