Stop for Coffee.. what a van!

Owner stopped at the store for a coffee and video’s his van and we’re thankful to get a nice view of such a great machine. He must have put a lot of work into this one however it’s to the point I think where it actually takes away from the van itself. You should appreciate the van for what it is without having to ‘pimp’ it out but it’s really the owners decision.

Rebuilding a Westy

I especially enjoyed this video of a man rebuilding his 80 year old fathers Westy with care. He went over the body repairing all the dents not having to deal with any rust issues luckily since they lived in a dry part of the US. He goes on to show how the applied to paint and at the very end shows off a beautiful white with blue strips Westfalia. I really like that color scheme and to be honest it’s the first I’ve seen like it as mostly the van is one solid color.

07 Bus Show

Great collection of Vans from this 2007 Bus Show. I would love to take part in one of these shows however I have yet had the chance to buy a van but I’ve created this site because I love them and hope to one day own one!

Slammed Van

I’m not sure how the guy fit inside this and I’m not really sure if I like it or not but I though I would add it to the website. I say this not because he’s a big guy just he does not look comfortable driving the van!

’77 Chewie

Love the names people give their vans! I’m serious this rules so many great vans out there and this video is a great example of the fun you can have with one. It’s a costly start to actually buy one for the right price but once you have it your ready for the open road. I was talking with my brother the other night actually about what we could do with the van once I finally get it and we were thinking about installing a record player inside of it. Yes it does seem like a very strange idea but that’s the catch and we’re sticking with it! Continue reading

So many vans!

Lots of VW van’s arriving at a park sometime in 2007, great to see so many of them in one place. There is quite a mix of vans arriving of all different years from the early 60’s and so on so, I hope you enjoy the video because I sure did!

Interior of the 72′

Nice video and tour of the inside of a 1972 Westfalia camper. Seeing this video now and others like it are making me lean towards getting an older model instead of the 80’s version that I wanted originally. I will have to do more research on these.

Camping at the KOA

This chap has a series of brilliant videos of living out of the Westfalia however this time he is staying at a beautiful KOA campground. I can honestly say these are excellent places to stay and I know that since I used to work. Like all of the videos on this site they are not me and I am merely a fan of the van.

Camper exterior complete!

Lucky guy owning such a nice looking restored Westfalia.. this is a short video of the van being driven out of what it looks to be a storage place. I’m sure the cold damp weather really effects the body of the van so it’s always best to keep it stored out of winters grasp.