Watch videos of Volkswagen Vanagon's & Westfalia Camper Vans and or browse our photo archive!

Camping in Ontario

Looks nice eh? I hope to be doing that in the next few years just travelling and camping in the van. It will be a good time to get some work done as well since I do most of my work online. I did however really enjoyed this video as it is displaying photos of “could be” years to come!

1987 Westfalia Dealer Promo

This is a great old video showing a beautiful van and a family really enjoying it. Its good also to see the features the van comes equipped with.

Would be nice to have a brand new shiny 87 Westy but its our job to keep our eyes open for the right van for us.

1988 Westfalia


This bus is much more new then many of the other rides on this site but still beautiful in her own right.

Vanagon Westfalia Closet Removal

Nice clear video of someone removing the closet of their 80’s van. This gives a good idea on how to modify the van if you so wanted to. Personally myself I would keep it the same for nostalgia purposes but its always good to know.

Sweet Pickles

Sweet looking green Westfalia named Sweet Pickles! I figured I’d start the site off by showing off this beauty I found while searching YouTube as there are lots of these to be seen there. Great looking Westy from the late 70’s looking better then ever!

VW Camper Cookbook

Oh man this is so cool!! This is killer I love it and want to see where I can get one. Shows a lot of nice older vans in the video as well with some crazy colors either way though beautiful video and one out of this world way cool book for the vans, just awesome.

Green Westfalia with top

Nice later model with top. I love the color.

1959 Westfalia Camper


Beautiful VW Camper in the Henry Ford Museum from 1959. The color is so beautiful and the envy of all Volkswagen Westfalia owners who do not have one.


Camper Van Conversion

Nice video with ideas for your own VW Campver Van. Explore the world and have fun.

Coke Westfalia


If you enjoy both Coke and Westfalia’s then you will love this. Even with it’s trailer hitch it does not get much better then this!

Purple T4 Westfalia


First glance I though the colour was a bit strange but now I really love the look of it!

1965 Volkswagen Road Test

Guy enjoying a ride on an beautiful beautiful day, he just takes it for a short drive but the camera is setup inside the bus so gives you a nice feeling of how the VW van drives. Oh what I would give to own that beast, just look at that lovely dashboard.

VW Reality

They can pass us all they want but we’re here for the adventure and the view! I enjoyed this video because it truly shows two things to me. One being that people are always in a hurry to get nowhere and two that driving a little slower means you get to see a little more. Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful in Blue

Love the color on this 1966 Westfalia van;  beautiful bold blue color really stands out!

1960’s Westy Side View

Early 1960’s Westfalia Camper

1980 Vanagon Drive Test

A lucky Volkswagen owner takes his 1980 van out for a spin. I could really get used to driving a van around town and especially on trips, nothing like a standard van rolling off down the highway looking for the next camping site.

VW T3 Crash Test

I mean it’s great to see how it would happen so that the makers can do what they need to do incase of accident but still destroying vans is not cool. I suppose its in the name of science however.

1971 Volkswagen Van Westfalia


REALLY love the colour on this VW Van. Bright and beautiful!

Bench Seats in 1958 VW Bus

What caught my attention to this van besides the 23 odd windows is the excellent 2-tone color scheme with it’s red and black. I think it looks lovely and a real eye catcher. The interior of the bus is great two and like the last video I posted this would be an excellent road tripping van that could easily carry all your friends and family.

Beautiful view and a bus


Fantastic view, this must have been used as an advertisement but stunning none the less.